A Weekend in My Life

First off I wanted to state that I work in the restaurant industry so I don’t get your typical weekend off because I tend to work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My weekend starts on Sunday after four and I get two days off because I have classes on these days, but my summer semester is over so I have a couple weeks until I start class again. This Sunday I went home got ready and picked up my sister. We were planning on going to the Richmond Night Market, which is an annual night market held through the summer months in Richmond on the weekends only. The have rides, food trucks, live events and different kinds of merchandise that are being sold. That night I pick up my little sister from work and we headed out on a forty five minute drive. When we arrived we went right over to the sock booth. Why socks you might ask. These are cute amine socks that I get a pair every time I go to the night market. This time I got the entire Sailor Moon squad, can’t go wrong there. My sister Katie purchased Pokemon and DC socks. So overall our feet will be warm and cute.

image1 (1)

After that I really wanted to find deep-fried Oreo, but couldn’t find any so we decided to try Deep Fried Oreo frozen yogurt. It was good but didn’t really taste like an Oreo just milky chocolate. As we continued to walk we found a couple of awesome sweaters.

Looking good Prime Minister Justin Trudeau image1

After we did some shopping we came across these drinks called Smoking Mocktails. The Smoking Mocktail vendor serves up alcohol-free beverages that look and taste amazing. Choose from a variety of flavors, including: Blue Hawaii (coconut/pineapple), Tequila Sunrise (pomegranate/orange), Grass Hopper (mint, lemon), Bloody Mary (tomato), and Cinderella (orange, lemon, pineapple). What they do is it is a double cupped with the first cup having small holes so the liquid nitrogen can escape and the second cup containing your drink giving the effect that your Cocktail is smoking.giphy

After we got our smoking cocktail we decided to leave ending the first day to my weekend. Second day my younger sister Katie and I decided to go on a hike in Vancouver since it was a lovely day. We decided to do Quarry rock. I’ve done this hike before with my best friend so i knew what to expects but my sister did not. The drive there only took about forty minutes but parking was a nightmare. We eventually found parking thanks to some guys who saved it for us. The hike took about forty five minutes up and the first twenty was all up hill. We had to stop for a bit to caught our breaths since we are not in the best shape. But we made it to the top and the view was beautiful.


After having a snack and some water we head back down, which only took us about thirty minutes. The ride home was fast since we didn’t get stuck in rush hour traffic. When we got home it was about three o’clock so we made lunch and did some Pokemon hunting. I’m on level eight if any of you were wondering. At four thirty my little sister Katie, my big sister Michelle and I decided to go swimming at our community pool. We were doing tricks in the pool and because of this my eyes had a bad reaction with the Chlorine in the pool and it looked like i was high and then they started to burn. I’m fine just needed eye drops.

Day Three started off me waking up late. I had a car appointment at what i thought was 11 am and i woke up at 10. The appointment was all the way in Richmond. I have a 2001 Honda civic and it needed its airbags replaced due to a recall. So I got dress and my little sister Katie and I headed out, then we got stuck in traffic so we called the company only to have them tells us it was at 11:30 am. So i calmed down about being late and just continue to go through the flow. We got there with fifteen minutes to spare, only to be told it was going to take 4 hours. We were told it was going to be an hour and a half so we didn’t come prepared. We decided to walk around the area and find something to do. We were also hungry since we didn’t have time for breakfast. Thank God we found a local diner. We had an early lunch while we watched the news.After we finished we decided to go back to the Honda Dealership to wait. We watched T.V, had coffee and feel asleep. 3:30 rolls around and my car is not done. So we wait another hour until my car is done and even then i don’t get my car for another half an hour. Worst costumer service ever. When i got my car we ended up in rush hour traffic for an hour i spent the entire day at the dealership. So I decided to end my day on a good note and went to see a cheap movie, since Tuesday are cheap movie day. Katie and I decided to see Sausage Party, which was so bad it was good. Dirty jokes everywhere and the group orgy in the end was awesome…. but i think that’s how it should of ended. So that was a Weekend in my life and tomorrow it is back to work, i hope your enjoyed reading this.

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