August Monthly Favourites 

Hello Everyone and i’ll be doing my August Favourites. These are items that I’ve purchased or experiences that have happened in the month that I really liked. So lets get started, first is new make up products which is the Katy Perry new mascara by Cover Girl – Katy Kat Eye. I bought this when i ran out of my Better than Sex mascara by Too Face. It was very lovely, it made my lashes long and full and I’ve heard nothing but great things about this product so i gave it a chance and i loved it. Second Make up item is Tarte new make up pallet, which they’ve teamed up with YouTube beauty personal Grav3YardGirl. The pallet is called Swamp Queen and the colors are very pigmented and i love all the personal touches that went in when making this product. Third is the Burt’s Bees soap bark and chamomile deep cleansing cream. This is my FAVORITE face cleaner, it goes on thick and has a minty tingling sensation on your face that leaves it feeling clean and refresh.

image1 (2)

If you liked the documentary Black Fish then your going to like this book. It is written by a former SeaWorld trainer John Hargrove and the book is called Beneath the Surface. The book is a memoir of the former SeaWorld trainer. He talks about why he wanted to work with Orcas, the joy behind it and why he believes that these creatures captivity should end. It won 2015 goodreads choice and i highly recommend it.

On August second my friend Angie and I went to go see Kacey Musgraves at the Vogue Theater in Vancouver. It was wonderful she had an opener but she took over most of the stage for a solid two hours I want to say. She performed her hit songs Biscuits and Follow your Arrow.


In social media I started using Pinterest more. I’ve had it for a while but had not used it that much. Now I’m obsessed! I have 1.2k pins that I’ve put up this month alone. I think its because fall is coming soon and i really love fall, that I’ve already started planning Halloween costumes and party ideas. Its has been a good way for me to get out all of my stress lately. In other ways to spend my time I recently discovered Netflix original show Stranger Things. Now if you haven’t seen it yet go watch it you won’t be disappointed. It had like an X-Flies feel to it that makes it impossible to stop watching. I binged watched it in two days. There is only eight episodes but I can’t wait for season two. There are so many questions i want to know. By the way if you have watched it did anyone else wanted Johnathan and Nancy to get together because I did. Hopefully season two can open this potential love story. So that is it for my August Monthly Favorites hope you enjoyed it.












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