Back To School Haul

It’s that time of year again. Either you love it or hate it, going back to school is important. I’ve decided to make going back to school fun. With the help of my lovely sisters, we made a back to school haul featuring Fall Inspired Fashion, Make-up and School Supplies.


First off is my little sister Katie. When asking her what category her style would land in, she commented by saying GRUNGE. So a lot of black, leather and plaid. Most of her wardrobe can be found in your local Forever 21 with the shoes coming from pay-less. The outfit includes black skinny jeans, a three quarter length purple shirt, a leather jacket, black shoes, and a distressed hat.


The Make up used in this look contains:

  • Foundation is L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte
  • Eyes are Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar in the shade Coconut
  • Lips are Color pop liquid to Matte in the shade Bianca
  • Brows are  Anastasia Beverly hills dip brow in the shade soft brown
  • Mascara is Too Faced Better than Sex
  • Elf Highlight
  • Tart Blush is called Amazonian Clay

image4 (1)

Here is my older sister Michelle. We actually got this outfit today at Forever 21. We got high-waisted  pants, a three quarter length shirt with the saying Absolutely Fabulous, followed with a camo jacket, bright green shoes and a coach cross body bag.

image1 (6)

The Make up used to make this look includes:

  • Face Primer is Too Faced, Prime Poreless
  • Foundation is BareMinerals Matte
  • Makeup Forever full coverage concealer
  • Laura Mercier Translucent powder
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Becca Opal Highlighter
  • Urban Decay eye shadow primer
  • Urban Decay eye shadows in half baked and twice baked
  • Better than Sex Mascara Too Faced
  • Nars lip gloss in SuperVixen

image3 (1)

Going back to school wouldn’t be the same without getting your hair done. I have the opportunity for my hair dresser to be one of my friends. Today I’ve decided to get a red ombre, with dark red on top and majestic Ariel red on the bottom. My outfit includes another Forever 21 collection featuring a leather jacket, a t-shirt saying Made In The 90’s, green skinny jeans, and black shoes from pay-less.

image2 (2)

Here is a better picture of my little outfit.

image1 (7)

Make up used for this look includes:

  • Make up forever HD foundation and concealer
  • Covergirl press powder
  • Katy Perry Mascara
  • Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar in the color Caramel
  • Kat Von D liquid eye liner called Tattoo Liner
  • Elf highlighter
  • Urban Decay 1993 Matte Lipstick and Lip liner
  • Brows are Anastasia Beverly hills dip brow in the shade Auburn


What a better way to finish a photo shoot then with a sassy catwalk.

Now on to the school supplies. Growing up my favorite part about back to school shopping was the school supplies hands down. Since I am in University my school supplies are farther boring, but they’re still fun to shop for. To start off i got the typical notes books, pens, whiteout, and highlighters. But nothing is more important than the backpack. Since I’m a pack-rat and like to reuse as much as possible to save money I manage to use the same backpack since grade 8. That’s a FUCKING long as time. Anyways I wanted a stylish backpack this year. Something that was hip as the kids say these days. So being the lazy person that I am i went to Amazon. The holy grail for backpacks shopping and just any online shopping in general.


I got this beautiful gem and I love it to pieces. Looking forward to school starting next week. Hope you enjoyed this and I’ll see you later. Bye!

image1 (8)

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