My Top 5 Childhood Celebrity Crush

Growing up sadly happens to us all. As much as we want to believe in Peter Pan coming in our rooms at night, taking us away from all our problems and responsibilities. To never age and stay young forever. Sorry to burst your bubble of Awesomeness but we sadly have to grow up. The fun parts about growing up is falling in love. Many of our young selves develop a crush at least once in our life time. If you’re me then you probably had many crushes, with most of them being Celebrities. Here are a couple of my first celebrity crushes growing up.

Number one: Peter Pan

giphy (3)

Yes the fun loving Disney cartoon I had the biggest crush on when i was five. The first time I saw this movie was at my very first sleepover ( 2 very big first for me) I would later have very detailed dreams where Peter, myself and our band of friends (which included Gargoyles) would fight crime. I still remember these dreams to this day. However this cute story has a sad ending. I cheated on Peter Pan (yes he was my boyfriend) with Floop from the movie franchise Spy Kids. Don’t ask I don’t know why, but after this Peter Pan never came back to my dreams again.

Number Two: Leonardo DiCaprio

giphy (2)

I think I was eight years old when I first saw Titanic. When Jack Dawson came on the screen for the first time I was hooked. He was beautiful and he is the reason why I have a thing for Blonde Hair guys. I had a poster of Leonardo by my bed where I practice my kissing ability. Kissing a cold hard wall in my bedroom was my after school activity (why did my mother not put me in sports) This crush would only last for 6 months sort lived Leo.

Number Three: Nick Carter

giphy (4)

See I told you Leo ruined me. Backstreet boys was my jam growing up. And of course I couldn’t just listen to the music NO NO NO I wanted to be Mrs Nick Carter one day. Well that did not happen, but hey Nick call me I won’t pay games with your heart (CRINGE)

Number Four: Lance Bass

I always go for the ones who are unattainable. I know it’s not going to be you Lance.

giphy (5)

Number Five: Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer a.k.a James Marsters

giphy (6)

He was my favorite bad boy and first vampire crush. Plus he is a blonde duh…. I used to watch this show with my older sister and I always wanted Buffy and Spike to get together. Spoiler Alert they do get together.

So that was my top 5 childhood celebrity crushes. I hope my younger self made you laugh and think about how normal you were. Until next time Bye!

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