Falling In Love With Fall

It’s now September and it seems that fall came early in Vancouver. Leaves are turning color and falling, raining has become the norm and the long summer days are ending fast as they fade to black. But its okay, because fall is my favorite time of the year. The cold weather just makes me want to curl up with a good book and stay in bed all day. But there are so many things that I’m looking forward this fall.


  • Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year. I actually sing that song while entering the Spirit of Halloween store. I love the idea of dressing up and being something that your not for the day. Last Halloween in 2015 my sisters and I made the trip from Canada all the way to Oregon for Halloween. I really wanted to go because growing up we would watch every October a Disney movie called Halloweentown. Earlier that year I found out that they filmed the movie in a small town called St. Helen in Oregon which was only five hours from our house. So we decided to drive the five hours to recreate two of ours favorite Halloween movies; Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus (we dressed up as the Sanderson Sisters)


Our trip was rather bumpy to start. I was almost charged with Human Trafficking, since my little sister was 16 at the time. Even though I was her sister and our parents gave us consent to take her into another country, the office drilled us for 15-20 minutes before letting us go. 3 hours into the road trip we hit Seattle traffic pushing us back an hour, getting lost when finding our hotel, seeing a dead deer on the side of the road, our hotel looked like the hotel from the Shinning, and lastly when it was raining a truck splashed us while we were driving. The splash was so big that it covered my windshield, my sisters screamed from the impacted and i closed my eyes while driving (for 10 seconds) Other than that I would do it again.

  • Who could forget that all networks will be playing the best Halloween movies (Halloween, Friday the 13, Nightmare on Elm Street)
  • Thanksgiving has some of my favorite foods. From mash potato and gravy to turkey with stuffing and of course pumpkin pie for deserts. I love having Thanksgiving dinner mainly because my family is so busy that we normally don’t all eat dinner together, so Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner are the only times we get to eat dinner as a family.
  • Anything to do with pumpkins. They make some of my favorite fall drinks (pumpkin spice latte) and food (pumpkin pie). And doesn’t your heart skip a beat when going to the pumpkin patch and picking out your Jack-o-lantern.


Visiting the pumpkin patch has been a family favorite since I was a little kid. As we got older my parents stopped taking us but last year my sisters and I had a blast petting the animals, going on hay ride, and going through the corn maze.



Funny story about this picture. Katie and I would take turns feeding the Alpacas so that we could attempt to pet them. Well we got one touch and then they were on to us. They took turns eating, one would watch us while the other ate our plan was hacked.


  • I love sweater weather being able to wear cozy socks and scarfs are my favorite. In the summer time i don’t feel comfortable showing a lot of skin so when fall comes around the corner I’m in a onesie with a hot drink in my hands.
  • I love the different colors that happen in fall. When the leaves start to change and fall it is just beautiful. The different shades of red, orange, and brown makes anything look peaceful.I also love when it rains, just falling asleep to the sound of rain is therapeutic.image7

Animal Costume-growing up I only ever had one dog. She was a Labrador and we didn’t have her for long so I never got to dress her up in cute Halloween Costumes. When I got my cats that was a completely different story. My family got two cats when I was six, in 2016 they’re 16 years old. Since that day I got them I put them in only dolly dresses and baby clothes, so when I grew up it wasn’t a surprise for my mom to come home with the cats in Halloween costumes over the year.12080628_1700931933473916_291050522_n

Here is Smokey in her 2015 Jack-o-lantern. This Halloween is going to be a group themed costume featuring my cats so stay tuned for that blog post in October.


  • Being able to visit haunted houses. Last year my little sister Katie and myself went to the pumpkin patch and got on a hay ride. We start moving when the driver points out to an abandon house on the other side of the street. He later told us that it was the oldest house in Langley. So what did we do, got off and went towards the abandon house and went inside. It was so creepy and we heard something upstairs. We got out of there so fast but first we took pictures.



  • The start of the school year. Now some of you might hate me but I love going back to school and having a set schedule. Plus I love learning.
  • I have a big sweet tooth so I look forward to the baking and candy that normal comes with the holidays.
  • When new books and t.v shows come out, or comeback for another season.

That was a couple of reasons why I think fall is the best season ever. I hope this either changed your opinion about the season in a positive way. Until next time, Bye!


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