September Monthly Favourites 

Hello and welcome back to another Monthly Favourites. These are items that I’ve enjoyed all month long. First is the Make up Forever Ultra HD foundation and concealer. I bought these items all the beginning of the month for school. I didn’t have a good foundation so I went Sephora. I really like the full coverage of the product and I recommend doing the color IQ test at Sephora to get your perfect shade. Second are the candles from Bath and Body Works, Cranberry Woods and Sweater Weather. Last year Sweater Weather was my favorite candle that I only burned it ever once and a while to be able to keep it all year long and I just ran out last week. The smell remind me of leaves and crisp morning air. Cranberry Woods was there last year but I didn’t pick it out my little sister Katie did. It smells like cranberries that have been siting in the wooden barrel.

Next is food, since autumn is here many pumpkin flavor food items have hit the counters and my personal favorite is the Pumpkin Spice Oreo. They are so good with a pumpkin spice cream makes my mouth water just thinking about them.


The last hike I did was the Lighthouse park and I didn’t have proper shoes and I ended up getting a bunch of blisters. That’s why i got these new runners at sport check. They’re so comfortable and they were on sale which made them even better.

This month I really got into the first season of Scream Queens featuring Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts and Lea Michele. The first season is about a sorority house and murders start happening at the start of the school year. It has a mystery, drama, and really funny moments perfect for Halloween.d34dd3c7b72294eec65ee6c94b330b15

That is all for my September Monthly favorites I hoped you enjoyed reading this and see you next time Bye!

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