Lush Halloween 2016

Halloween has come to Lush to bring spooky surprises in your bath this fall. I went to my local Lush and got the most popular sale items.

The first one I tired out was the Autumn Leaf bath bomb. It was so relaxing with different changing colours of autumn and the earthy scent of fresh cut grass. In Canada it cost $6.95 per item. 

The second was the pumpkin jack-o-lantern. Fizzy bath bomb with the scent of pumpkin pie. The cost in Canada is $6.95 per item.

Next was the Monster Ball bath bomb. It looks like a pink and blue one eye monster, it also seems like limes. The after math turns your bath water a deep purple. The cost is $7.25 per item.

The Lord of Misrule bath bomb is a green ball and when you put it in water it looks like a murder scene with red coming out. It turns your water into a red wine colour and smells like red wine. It cost $7.45 per item. It doesn’t create bubbles I just added bubble bath in.

The sparking pumpkin bubble bar is back again this year. A glittery gold pumpkin sink deep into fruity lime and berry foam. The cost is $7.95 per item.

The best saved for last is the cute Boo Melt. A luxury bath melt with a ghost face  smells like buttery ginger. Pop your melt into the bath and watch it dissolve, making your water soft. The cost is $5.95 per item.

And that is it for the 2016 Lush Halloween products. I hoped you enjoyed this and see you next time.

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