DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time of year to have fun and get dressed up. Getting dressed up and buying a new costume every year can be very expensive. I created some cheap Do It Yourself costumes to help you out this Halloween. I found a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and I had the help of my lovely sisters. Here are quick DIY costumes to help you save money and if you’re running late to your Halloween Party.

First is a Sims Character. They only thing you need is your regular clothes and green paper and I used a coat hanger. I’ll link the video and the template I used to help create the Sims Plumbob.


Second is a Scarecrow, find country clothes like a plaid shirt and some jeans. Second your going to need a straw hat or you can skip the hat. For the makeup I did orange cheeks and nose. Use black eye liner for the stitching around the nose and mouth. Then add some black triangles around the eyes. Finish with some mascara and your done with your Scarecrow.

Next I got the idea from a Beanie Baby, the collectible toys everyone had in the 90s. What your going to need is red paper, a white pen, ribbon, and an animal costume or onesie. Cut out a heart shape and draw the Beanie Baby logo on the front. If your not confident in your drawing skills you can print the logo and glue it on top. Get a hold punch and put one hole on top of your heart and put ribbon that is long enough for a necklace. Then put on your costume and your ready to go.

Next two costume are if you have a black dress. First costume is Wednesday Adams. Grab your black dress, black tights, and black boots. Make yourself look pale and put your hair in braids.

I really love the Wizard of Oz and the Broadway Musical Wicked, so i created Elphaba or the Wicked Witch of the West. Like the first one grab a black dress, black hat and green face paint. I also used green eye shadow to contour and highlight. Put black eye shadow on your eyes followed with eyeliner and mascara. I also put on some back lipstick to tie the look together. I’ll link a video to help you guys with the make up.

I hope you enjoy my take on some of these Halloween Costumes. You’re never to old to dress up on Halloween, I’m 22 and I still dress up every year. Have fun this Halloween and be safe.

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