Reverse Bucket List

Growing up my parents would say that they will put that event/experience on their Bucket List. As time go on most people tend to regret what they did not do in life, yes I have a Bucket List as I think most people do. What if people stopped regretting the past of what they didn’t do and appreciate all the things they did do. This is my Reverse Bucket List of all the things I’m proud I did.


Stephanie’s Reverse Bucket List

  1. Pay my own way through University
  2. Take a homeless person shopping
  3. Got out of an abusive friendship
  4. Experience depression
  5. Went on a Vacation with my sister
  6. Got to meet my family for the first time
  7. Been in Love
  8. Worked for everything and got nothing handed
  9. Learned how to Box
  10. Learned how to Skateboard
  11. Developed a friendship that will last forever
  12. Went on a roadtrip
  13. Graduated Highschool
  14. Became a red head (living out my little mermaid dream)
  15. Explored an abandoned house
  16. Got to see a Orca in person (which is my favorite animal)
  17. Saw a baseball game in Seattle
  18. Learn how to ride a Horse
  19. Explored Quebec city for a day
  20. Bought my first car all by myself
  21. Visited Halloweentown (St. Helens, Oregon)
  22. Sprayed painted my room
  23. Got to see 100 different animal at the San Diego Zoo
  24. Seen artist like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood live
  25. Got to grow up in British Columbia
  26. Went into the Notre Dame Church in Montreal
  27. Jumped in a lake with a waterfall
  28. Seen breath taking views from hiking
  29. Adopt a pet
  30. Did pottery classes
  31. Held a baby pig
  32. Had a pet rat
  33. Explored the Canadian Parliament in Ontario
  34. Dance on a Bar
  35. Rode a mechanical bull
  36. Play the guitar, piano, and clarinet
  37. Went to the Surrey Brewery and tasted a bunch of different craft beers
  38. Was in a choir during school
  39. Was in the school band
  40. Learned Archery
  41. Played on a volleyball and basketball team
  42. Got my driver’s license on the first try
  43. Survived the death of a friend
  44. Created and Directed a short film
  45. Got my first job when I was fifteen
  46. Made a pair of pants
  47. Held a parrot
  48. Enjoyed a Beaver Tail (it’s a pastry not an actual tail)
  49. Went fishing with my uncle on lake Ontario
  50. Started a Blog

Funny how quick we are to write off what we’ve done in the past and only focus on all the things we want to do in the future.

Read. Be Inspired. And Create your own List of at least 50 things. I dare you!

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