Prom Dress

This past weekend I ended up taking my little sister Katie to pick out her prom dress. I really wanted her to find the perfect dress, because I never got the chance to go to prom. During my senior year I got really sick and had to miss a lot of school. Most people while they’re sick don’t do homework so I started to fall behind. I had to do a group protect with some friends and short story I ended up letting them down by doing the bare minimum because I was supper sick. They blamed me and made me feel like a horiable person. I later realized that they weren’t my real friends. So I stopped hanging out with them and started having my lunch in the bathroom because I felt like I didn’t belong and that I didn’t have any friends. Because I felt so isolated I started missing more school, and eventually I dropped out. I continued my education online until I realized doing school work at home without a teacher and not having a routine was not for me. In 2013 I decided to leave the online school and continued my education at an adult institution. I graduated a year late and I never got to go to prom. This still makes me sad that I didn’t have this experience but with the friends I had I’m glad I didn’t have a prom. My best friend Laura graduated a year earlier, and if she was there I feel that this story would have a happy ending because she is my rock in these types of situations. I’m getting off topic sorry for that. I’m really happy my sister is going to prom and happy that she found her dress. I’m even more happy that she feel in love with the one I picked out. 
I just wanted to share my story and say even if you hate the people you’re in school with stick it out. It’s your last year you’re required to go to school. There are people who have it worst in the world. Don’t let stupid people ruin your senior year like what happened to me. If I had a time machine I would go back and tell myself that everything gets better after high school. Who you were in High school doesn’t define you the rest of your life 😬 and the people you hanged out with in high school fade from your life unless they’re your best friend. Everyone grows apart and there is so much to look forward too in life. The world is your oyster, find something you love and run with it. I hope you enjoyed my story and I’ll she you all later. Bye! xxx

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