Blogmas Day 3: List to Santa

Hello everyone and welcome back to day 3 of Blogmas! I really enjoy giving gifts to people. I spend so much time finding the perfect gift for either family or friends. Sometimes it takes a good couple of weeks to get the perfect present just right. But every time someone asks me what I want I simply just don’t have an answer. I tend to just buy what I want for myself, so this year I’ve restrained from buying stuff for myself and decided to write a wish list to Santa.

First what I really want in the entire world is a new digital camera. I love photography and the camera on my phone is really good, but I just want to have those professional  looking photos.


So quick story time, this past August my best friend Laura went to Ireland to see her family and I was supposed to go with her. But then something came up and she wanted to go just her so she owes me a trip and we might be going to New York City in April of 2017. Earlier this month when I was shopping I came across these adorable pajamas from Reitman. It is a blue top with New York City in a snowglobe. I didn’t hesitate and I bought a pair for Laura and now I want one so we can match.


Third on my Christmas list is the new Starbuck travel coffee cup, just because it reminds me of Christmas and it is super cute.


What I need is a new face cleaner brush. I work in the restaurant industry so my face is exposed to oil and grease all day. Plus I’ve been breaking out more so I really need it.


The last thing that I want is a tattoo, but not just any tattoo something that means so much to me a quote from my favourite book. The quote is Courage Dear Heart from Narnia. It is spoken in the context that no matter how scared you’re you have to find the courage and do the best you can in any situation. This what I want for my first Tattoo.


These are the five things that I want for Christmas this year. I hope you enjoy reading this and until next time, Bye!

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