Blogmas Day 4: How to avoid last mintue Christmas shopping

Aww the holidays, the time of year where everyone tramples and cheats people for a deal on Christmas presents. Are you stressed out and want to find a better way to shop for your loved ones, then I hope you find this helpful (by the way did that sound like an infomercial, yes! then I did it right).The holidays are stressful so lets cut the stress in half with some tips I’ve found have helped me in the past.


Make a list. The pressure of last-minute shopping can cause shoppers to make impulse decisions and often spend more than necessary. Make a list of gifts you can afford for the number of people you have to buy for. You’re much more likely to stick to your budget that way.

Start shopping early. I’m not talking about five months early, try doing your shopping a month early. Just so you don’t have to enter the malls on Christmas eve and wrestle your way to a sweater.

Online shopping. Best thing invented since sliced bread. You can shop at different stores at the same time from the comfort of your bed or couch. Plus stores like Amazon have 24 hours delivery service just in chase you forgot that watch your dad wanted.

Printable Gifts. Has anyone heard of Groupon, it’s a site that you buy spa packages and a bunch of other stuff for anyone on your list. Just buy, print, and give; Simple fast and easy.

These are my quick tips to help you this holiday season. Good luck and happy shopping until tomorrow.


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