Blogmas Day 6: Decorate Bedroom for Christmas 

Hey everyone and welcome back for Blogmas Day 6. I wanted to do a very simple look for my bedroom this Christmas. Most of my decorations I got are from the dollar store, Walmart and bath and body works.

I got some different coloured fairy lights from the dollar store. In this picture I used blue fairy lights around my keyboard  and in the corner I have two Christmas snow globes that I’ve collected over the years and two bath and body work candles (sweater weather and New York)

I attached some white fairy lights to my polaroid pictures  and included some old picture of me and my sisters with Santa 🎅  I also put the lights on my book shelf.

Last year I got the body pillow that says Bah Hum Bug from Walmart. It makes my bed a little more festive since I don’t want to buy Christmas bedding. Plus it’s a cheaper alternative, it was only fifteen dollars. 

Attached some red fairy lights to my window and got two candles from the dollar store. One says I’m dreaming of a white Christmas and the other says make a wish upon a star. Going to add fake snow to window to make it more magical.

My friend made me this little side table Christmas cover and I have the book by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol to add the finishing touches. I hope you like my simple decorations. I tend to go all out for the tree but just wanted to add some Christmas spirit in my room.

Until Tomorrow 

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