Blogmas Day | A Day in My Life

Hello and welcome back to Blogmas Day 13. To be fair I’m running out of ideas or I don’t have all the supplies to do other post. So why not have a follow me around type of blog today. I did a lot today so it’s not borning.

My day started off with me struggling to get into my car. Jack Frost decided to ice my doors close this morning so it resulted in me going to get hot water and pouring it on my door, just lovely. Then I went to do my final exam.

The exam was really short so I was done in about 40 mins. Then I headed down to chapters (which is a bookstore) to pick up my friend Tina’s gift since I was seeing her later tonight. I got her two crime books. One was about the Amanda Knox story and the other was about cold case files. Everyone was out doing their Christmas shop because by the time I was done the line was almost out the door. I was really nervous about being late because I had a hair appointment at 2:30 and it was already 1:40. Don’t worry got to my appointment with time to spare.

After my hair appointment had to go home and get the rest on my friend gift ready and charge my phone. Around 5 o’clock Katie and I went out to get my textbook for my next semester from a girl who was selling it online. My university has this facebook page where students can sell their old textbooks to each other. We went into a sketchy neighborhood but I got my book for cheap.

Since we were close to value village I want to look at the books and Katie wanted to find some cheap sweaters.

In October I found the soundtrack to Wicked so I couldn’t pass up on the book. Plus I’m watching Fuller house on Netflix and really love Stephanie Tanner so I wanted to get Jodie’s book. I have a book problem I already know. Dropped off Katie at home and went to Coquitlam to visit Tina. She loved her two books and I also gave her some chocolates.

Overall a very busy day, the weather is still nice lots of sun and the snow is melting. But it’s so cold still! ❄️

Until Tomorrow

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