Blogmas Day | Christmas Presents

Welcome back to Blogmas Day 14! 

I’m more than half way done Blogmas, how has it been I would love to hear your feedback. Today I decided to show you what I got my family and friends for Christmas 🎄 

First I will start with my mom. Since Katie my little sister got a job we wanted to do secret Santa 🎅 I got my mom this year and this is what I got her so far.

I got her a pjs from Reitmas, on the top it has two penguins in a giant Christmas sweater together so cute. 

Next I still haven’t gotten them but I want to get my mom a new pair of slippers from Costco. She gets a new pair ever year, but what colour. I really like them in black.

I also want to get her a 100$ gift card to the Keg so her and my dad can have a date night together. I’m going to throw in some chocolate and wine, then mom is done.

My bestfriend Laura, so like I mention before we’re planning a trip to New York and so I got us matching pjs that have a snow globe on the front with New York City in it. If you want a better picture check out my wish list I put it in there as well. By the way the pjs are also from Reitmas.

Then every year I get Laura a Brittany calendar because she has that dog. But since she moved out of her parents place, she couldn’t take penny with her. So hopefully she can love seeing a Brittany dog everyday for a year.

I’m also getting Laura the same slipper as my mom. Plus chocolate for her and her roommate. Lastly a bored game, she doesn’t have a tv and they only have one game to play on rainy days so I was thinking a deck of cards or a classic bored game. If you have any ideas let me know.

Next is my friend Tina who I saw yesterday. Tina and I really are into true crime and murder shows, plus I’m getting a criminology degree so it works into my field. So I got her two books.

One is about the Amanda Knox story about how she murder her roommate in Italy. And the second is about crimes that have never been solved like the black   dahlia and the case of jonbenet. Add some chocolate in there and all done.

Next is my friend Angie, we went to go and see Kacey Musgraves this past August so I thought it would be fitting to get her Kaceys Christmas album. 

She also loves wine and I’m getting her chocolate of course.

Next person is Michelle who is my sister, her friend Christina. She is a really nice woman who deserves so much more that what she gets from life. So I alway get her something. She really loves owls so I got her this Christmas owl mug.

Going to add some scratch tickets and candy in the mug with a nice card.

Now my sisters, I know I said secret Santa but I just got them small things.

Michelle I got her this body pillow that has the supernatural boys on it. They’re full body and one is on the back and the front so she can have quality time with both. I’m going to get her a couple of scratch cards and a gift card to forever 21.

For Katie I got her the 1975 vinyl and this funny tshirt from hot topic. She loves llamas  so I had to get it.

For my dad I’m going to get him so really good craft beer. So that is what I got and planning on getting everyone this holiday season. 

Until Tomorrow 

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