Blogmas Day 17|2017 Resolutions 

2016 was a bad year for New Years Resolutions for me. I made five resolutions and out of that five only two happened.

  1. Go back to school (which I did)
  2. Get your full driving license (check got that)
  3. Learn to play the piano (failed miserably)
  4. Lose weight (lol like that happened)
  5. Go on a trip (it almost happened)

This year I want to make easier one that I can hold myself accountable.

1. I want to read more. I have a problem where I buy books but don’t read them. So in 2017 I made a short reading list of my top picks and I’m looking forward to it.
2. I want to build on a health lifestyle. In 2016 I was doing really well in the beginning. I was going on hikes and swimming lots but I wasn’t eating healthy. So I’ll continue working out but focus on healthier food options, no more fast food.

3. I want to start a new blogging series. I got the idea from Cutiepiemariza, a youtuber. Where she did three new things in a month. It looks fun and I was reflecting on 2016 and I feel like I didn’t do a whole lot. This will be a good way for me to encourage myself to step out of my comfort zone.
4. I want to travel somewhere, anywhere. Now I’ve been saying this a lot but Laura and I might be going to New York so fingers crossed for me. 

So these are my New Year Resolutions let’s see if I can complete them all.

Until Tomorrow 

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