Blogmas Day 18 | 2016 Rewind 

Hello and welcome back to another Blogmas. I wanted to do a 2016 rewind of the year and show you guys what happened to me this year. So without further to do let’s get started.


In January I don’t remember a whole lot but I did apply for University!


I started getting into hikes. I went on my first big hike this year with my best friend Laura. I also got into the University that I applied for.


March is a big month for birthdays in my family, my dad turned 52, Katie turned 17 and I turned 22. For Katie’s Birthday, we wore onesies all day and went to a trampoline place. Plus I also got braces



April was the month that I went to the tulip festival in Abbotsford with Michelle.


In May was the first day back to school. But before school, my car got into an accident while it was parked outside a store. The guy couldn’t get away because my car popped one of his tires. Everything got paid for and my car is fine now. May was also the year that Michelle turned 27.


June was just school and more school, not very exciting


July was full of fun, besides having to go to school. My aunts came for a visit and we did the touristy things in Vancouver. I also went to Seattle for a work event and a baseball game. I also got to see Panic at the Disco and Weezer.


Was finals for school and I got a B+ and a B- good outstanding achievement! And I also went to go see the lovely Kacey Musgraves and started my blog!



Was more hikes, work, and school


Was full of so much fun stuff, Laura graduated from University and it was Halloween my favourite time of the year!


Was a basket case studying for exams and working too much, it all became a blur.


It’s Christmas season so I was finishing school getting an A- and Bs in my classes so proud. Also getting to see the Nutcracker and a hockey game with work friends.

2016 was a busy year for me for sure, but I want more. Cheers to 2017 hoping for more adventures and memories.

Until Tomorrow 


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