Favourite YouTube Vlogmas | Blogmas

Hello and welcome back to Blogmas Day 23 better know as Christmas Eve Eve, if that makes sense. Since Blogmas is almost over I wanted to share my favourite YouTube Vlogmas with you to get you into the holiday spirit. 

First I really enjoyed watching Zoella Vlogmas this year. She opens it with a cute intro that show an animated version of her and her boyfriend plus their pets. She also does a bunch of Christmas vlogs that keep you in the festivities all month long. Check her out at MoreZoella.

Second youtuber I enjoyed this month was Carrie Fletcher. She has a cute YouTube channel called Itswaypastmybedtime and she does Christmas video but also just regular volgs if you don’t want to have Christmas thrown at you all the time.

Last is Dan and Phil Games, they did a series of gaming videos for the month of December. They played a bunch a different games so there is something for everyone. My favourite video are when they do challenge videos, they’re very entertaining. Check them out at DanAndPhilGames

Here are some of my favourites Volgmas from YouTube this year. I hope you find them helpful and fun to watch and have a good Christmas Eve Eve!

Until Tomorrow 

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