Christmas Eve | Blogmas

Welcome back to the last day of Blogmas! It Christmas Eve and it’s started to snow again in British Columbia for the third time this month, looks like we’re having a white Christmas this year. For this last blog post of Blogmas I wanted to share my Christmas Eve tradition with you guys. Okay to start off this year I had to work but normally I go ice skating with my best friend Laura. We did it last year but sadly I had to work this year, plus I’ve been sick for the past couple of days so I would have been miserable this year if we did go. 

Normally my sisters have to work and my parents go to their friends Christmas Eve party. So I pick up my sisters and we go over to our friend Christina and play board games, watch movies, and eat appetizers. So this year I went to pick up my sisters and while I went to pick them up, a girl from Michelle work was waiting in the cold so Michelle decided to wait with her until her ride got there. So I turned off my car but left the lights on a killed my battery. So we had to call our parents to come a give us a boost. 20 minutes later our parents arrive. We the go home so my sisters can change and get ready. As we’re leaving, I’m carrying cakes in my hands and slip on ice walking to my car and fall right on my ass. Have you ever seen a guy carrying a lot of presents and he can see and eventually slips and loses everything, that is what it looked like. 

So we eventually get to our friend’s house, and just in time for food. We put on the Grinch and play Monopoly. What a good way to end a bad day. I hope you enjoyed my crazy Christmas Eve night and I look forward to seeing you guy later.

Bye for now and happy holidays! 

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