December Montly Favourites

Hello and welcome back! Sorry I’ve been MIA, but I’ve been super busy. With doing double everyday at work and having to start school again, also I got some of the best teachers this semester. The only down fall is I have to drive 45 minutes to the school on both Monday and Tuesday for 7pm classes. Well let’s get on with this blog post; most of my monthly favourites have come from Christmas presents this time. Just putting a disclaimer I’m not gloating or showing off of what I got these are some items that I really like and wanted to share with my audience so let’s begin.

So on Chrsitmas day all of my family was sick so we stayed either in our rooms or in the living room sleeping or watching tv. While I was awake I got to watch a movie called its a Wonderful Life. Now I’ve heard of this movie but never got to actually watch until now and it has become my favourite Christmas movie of all time. Have you ever had the feeling that if you were never born everyone in your life wouldn’t be better off, well that is what happens to the main character after all these events happen in his life. So in the end life would be better if he was born, making this a Christmas miracle. It’s a relatable movie in the sense that we all have bad things happen to us, but it’s how you let these events effect your life. Just loved it!


If anyone knows my obsession with the tv show Friends it’s my best friend Laura. For Christmas she got me a smelly cat mug. It’s my new favourite mug because it starts of black and when you add the hot water it shows the song lyrics.


Next would be what Katie my sister got me. First she got me this beautiful blanket scarf, a notebook to write down all of my ideas for my blog and lastly the face cleanser that I wanted. She spoiled me this year. Since I was sick all of Christmas break I lived in my pjs that I got myself. They’re so warm and cozy didn’t take them off nor did I want to. Laura also got me a travel journal so hopefully I can use it when we travel this year. Lastly I got myself a bra from Victoria Secret. I’m a 38DDD so I didn’t think they would have my size but I was surprised and it fit really well.

This is my Monthly Favourites sorry it’s long overdue but I’ve been super busy with school and work lately. Hope everyone had an amazing holiday and I hope to see you soon!

Bye 👋

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