Reviewing Zoella Beauty Products 

Hello and welcome back everyone!

Quick story I’ve been watching Zoella for about five years now, and if you don’t know who Zoella is…. She is a UK Youtuber with about 10 million subscribers. When she started her own line of beauty products I was so happy, until I wasn’t able to purchase them. It would end up costing me so much on shipping and handling to get it to Canada that I didn’t bother. Until last week, I walked into London Drugs and had a freak out. It was the first time I saw Zoella beauty products in Canada. So I decided to try two of her items.

First I tried out her bath soak and shower cream. Fancy way of saying bubble bath and shower gel. It smelled really nice not to flowery which is good for me 👍🏻 Michelle also tried it out and she has really sensitive skin and she didn’t have a reaction so she started using a lot of it. So if you have sensitive skin I would try this out.

Second item I tried was her fizz bar which I was really disappointed in. I was expecting something like a bath bomb. Making the water turn into a bunch of different colours, but nothing. It made the bath water very soft like you put oil in it and it had a nice smell. Overall good product just not what I was expecting.

I also like the personal detail that went into making the packaging. It just screamed Zoella’s style. I’m looking forward to trying more of her products as they slowly make their way to Canada. Hope your enjoyed this quick review and I’ll see you all next time.


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