January Monthly Favourites

Hello and Welcome Back!

Are you guys keeping to your new year resolutions? How has the year been treating you so far? If you want to share let me know in the comments below. I hope everything has been going well, it has for me so far. I’ve been super busy with school and work but what’s new. Well, let’s get started. To those of you who are new, this is a series of blog post that I talk about what I really liked this past month.

First off I want to say did any of you watch the OA? How crazy was that? The OA is a Netflix original about a girl who goes missing and returns seven years later. You learn about her crazy journey that got her back home. I would recommend, the end left you hanging so hopefully season two is coming. Check out the trailer for the OA if you’re interested.

So besides watching a lot of Netflix, I also watch YouTube. This month I got really into watching the Gabbie Show. I was able to binge watch all of her story time videos in one day. Besides that, she was wearing this cute shirt that I had to get because it was so relatable.

Okay so I’m last Monthly Favourites I talked about a blanket scarf and a face cleanser brush, well they both made it back for this month. I literally use my scarf as a blanket in class because it is so cold in my night class. The other day my friend and I had to share the scarf because we were so cold. My cleaner brush has made my night time routine so easy and I just love having it.

To go with my brush I got Olay Gentle clean because my skin gets really dry in the winter time and this as the moisturizer in it so it leaves my skin so soft. Last on my list is the Nair hair removal cream. I’ve been using this for a year to get rid of my mustache. I had a really bad experience with hair removal cream, where it burned me but this is the sensitive formula and so far no complaints.

Well, that’s it for January, I hope you enjoyed it! Looking forward to seeing you next time.


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