January Notes 

Hey and Welcome back!

So if you guys have seen my other blog post, then you might have seen the one for my new year resolutions. In it I have four Resolutions I wanted to do in 2017. One of the four is starting a new blog post series where I try at least three new things in the course of the month. I got the idea from fellow youtuber and blogger  CutiepieMariza so fell free to check out her videos from 2016. So with out further questions let’s being.

First off I started my spring semester on January 9. I’m taking some really interesting classes like philosophy, Canadian law and Canadian criminal legal system. I’m including this because I really like school and it’s new for me because I have to travel to another campus closer to the city. I’ve meet a lot of interesting new people and had made a couple of new friends.

Second thing I did was cross of one of my new year resolutions. If you read my blog post then you would know I want to travel somewhere new. So on January 25 my bestfriend Laura and I booked our flight to New York City. I’ve been talking about it so much that I’m so happy it’s finally happening. I would really like some suggestions on places to visit and eat, so let me know in the comments below I would really like to hear from you guys.

Last thing I did was I went horse back riding. I haven’t been riding since grade 7 so going on almost ten year ago wow! I went with Katie my little sister since I got us Groupons in the summer. I got Henry and Katie had Jewels. It was so much fun the trainer was easy to talk to and didn’t make us feel stupid. Plus it was Katie’s first time on a horse and she was thrilled.

I hope you guys really like this new blog series, and I hope to see you next time.


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