February Notes

Hello and welcome friends

For those of you who don’t know this is my new blog series for 2017. In this series, I attempt to try at least three new things ever month to get me out of my comfort zone. If you’ve seen January Notes then you probably saw me trying horseback riding with my sister, going back to school for the spring semester and finally booking my trip to New York City for this coming April. Now this month was a lot more eventful.

First, on February thirteenth I went to a float house for the first time. A float house is a spa in which you get into a small individual pool that is filled with water and salt. Because of this combination, you’re able to float on the surface of the water. You listen to music or just drift off in silence. When you’re done there is a shower and a relax room after where you can enjoy tea and interact with other people. I got the idea after I watched Stranger Things in which the main character had to float in order to contact with another dimension. Very good show I would recommend to anyone that like science fiction and 80s movies.


Second, which is not that new but I got my hair done since it really needed a touch-up. I was able to get it done on Valentines Day which I had off, that was pretty new for me since I usually work on Valentines Day. If you work in the restaurant industry you understand. It was nice my hairdresser is one of my friends so I got to spend most of the day with her and then went home to an empty house, made dinner and watched scary stories online. Not your typical Valentines day plans but it works for me.


The last thing I did this month I went to a Canadian Court trial. I`m not in trouble it is for a paper. In my criminology class, we have to observe a courtroom and then write about what we saw. I was really lucky I got to sit in on a juries verdict for a murder trial. I can`t give out any information about the man but it was interesting to see this young man and his family. It was heartbreaking to watch him break down as him mother comforted him. I also found it so different from what you see on tv. Since most crimes show depict America criminal justice it was interesting picking out the differences. Like for one in Canada, a person is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, so he was able to interact with his family in the courthouse during a trial break. He was able to go outside have a smoke unsurpservied. I`m really excited to write my paper because I got a lot of juicy stuff.


Really looking forward to what else the year has to offer. I hope you enjoyed this month of me trying new stuff. I`ll see you all next time, Bye!

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