Review on Clarity Quality Goods

Hello and welcome back!

Let`s jump right into this, my friend from work is working on her school project for her business degree. The project is her group makes a business which I think is so cool. Her group decided to make bath bombs, and if you know me I love baths. So being the supportive person I am I decided to try one of each of her bath bombs. Since they`re home made they`re pricey; you can do one for 12 dollars or what I did was three for 24 dollars, you buy two get the third one free. If you`re interested in their product I’ll leave the website link


First one is Recharge which is the blue one, it smells like a forest. It wasn`t that vibrant in colour but it did leave my arms and legs really soft after.

The second one was rest. It is the white one with blue and pink specs in it. The smell is Lavender and just like the other one didn`t have must brightness with the colours but it did leave your skin very soft.

The last one is called Uplift. It is the most pigmented of the three leaving your bath very pink. The smell is fresh oranges. This one was by far my favourite because I love seeing the colour the bath bomb produces. Like the others, it leaves your skin feeling very soft.

That is my review on my friends business project. The products leave your skin feeling silky smooth, my only critique would be the lack of colour. If you want to try the product information is at the top. I only believe they`re shipping to Canada right now but are working to make it available everywhere. She did mention she wanted to keep the business even after her class is done. They just launch a new product called bath soaks which I`m looking forward to trying. Until next week, Bye!

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