February Monthly Favourites 

Hello and welcome back to another monthly favourites! These are Blog posts where I talk about items and events that have made my month. First on my list is my new T-Rex shirt from HotTopic. They have a line of shirts that picture this cute T-Rex with motivational quotes. This one that I got shows him with one of those hand clamps and saying I am….unstoppable.


Second on the list is a couple of bras that I got from Addition Elle. I was able to get them with my Christmas gift card from my sister. I really like the red and black one because it reminds me of Harley Quinn. Next is if you saw my Valentines Day Lush products then you would have already seen this, but its Lush Prince Charming shower cream. It makes my skin very soft and I reminds me of a candy/chocolate from my childhood. It is funny how smells can bring back memories. Next is NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in the colour milk. I heard that using white eyeliner would make your eyes look bigger so I tried it and I think it worked, according to my sister it did. I thought I could use it for Halloween and create some doll makeup ideas, I’m always thinking about Halloween. I’m really looking forward to it this year because Stranger Things 2 is coming out in October.

Another makeup item I got was the Smashbox contour kit. I got the one from light to medium and it came with its own brush. When I opened up the package it comes with a paper package that shows you what to do with different face shapes, which was a lot of help for me since I am new to this. I’m planning on doing a review for this product so keep your eyes out for that coming sometime this month.


Okay so the next item is a tv show called Riverdale and it appears on Netflix. It is a coming of age story about Archie and his friends (that we all know and love from our childhood) but much much darker. The show keeps the same characters and adds a murder mystery. Check out the trailer I’ll leave it down below but it has become my new favourite show. Sadly I have to wait every Friday for a new episode but my friends are working on the set as background and they tell me all juices scenes that haven’t show yet. They film in Aldergrove which is about 20-25 minute drive from my house so maybe I will show up and take pictures of the set like what I did for Bates Motel.

That’s it for my monthly Favourite I hope you enjoyed it and until next time.







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