Lush Easter Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars

Hello and Welcome Back!

As you can probably tell from the title Lush has Easter bath time surprises! I really love Lush products but they’re so expensive that I decided on only doing a review on three items. So without further due let’s get started!

Golden Egg

I remember this being one of the first Lush products I’ve ever tried and I still love to this day. The only problem I have with it is that the glitter goes everywhere and it’s annoying to clean. It is a bath bomb melt that smells like oranges and caramel which makes it perfect for this holiday. Just make sure you rinse out your tub because it will look like you just smeared glitter all around your bath tub. The price in Canada is $8.95

Bunch Of Carrots

I find that this is a staple for Lush Easter products, I’ve seen them do this one for about three years in a row or even longer. You get three bubble bars a pink, purple and orange one in a shape of a carrot. Depending on what colour you pick will determine what your bath will look like. They all smell very fresh and you can break them apart and have multiple uses. In Canada, the price is $12.95

Chick N’ Mix

I really enjoyed this one because you get three different bath bombs. It looks like a chicken coming out of its egg and when you pull it apart you get two big and one small bath bombs.

The first one I used was the yellow one and the eyes were actual chocolate chips. That combination made that bath water smell like a caramel chocolate candy. The second one was the small orange one which was cute but didn’t fill the entire bath. Lastly, the blue one smelled like clean air. The price for this in Canda is $ 10.95

Lush had a lot of really interesting products this year for Easter. One of the bath bombs that I was debating about getting would answer the question to who came first the chicken or the egg because there would be a small toy of either item in the bath bomb. I also found them to be very cost saving since a lot of the ones I got you got multiple uses out of it. Let me know if you’ve tried any other products from this collection and I’ll see you next time. Bye!!!

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