March Monthly Favourites

Hello and Welcome Back!

Now this month has been a busy one with school and a lot of birthdays. The month of March is really busy for my family since we have three birthdays in that month. My dads, my little sister Katie, and mine (of course). My dad turned 53 on March 14 and sadly I had to go to school since it was on a Tuesday. That Tuesday turned out to be my staff party as well. My mom made my dad is favourite dinner and had friends over. I got my dad a couple of balloons (which are still in my living room as I’m writing this) and a pack of beer. My dad is a really simple man and doesn’t like a lot of stuff, he would get mad at me if I buy him anything for Christmas saying it’s a waste of money and that I should save it. So I went with something I knew he would use and enjoy. After school I decided to head to my staff party for a bit since class let out at 9:30 pm and my parents were heading to bed since it was a work week. I’m glad I went to the staff party because I won an award, Best Back End Support!

Katie’s Birthday is on March 17 and she turned 18. She wanted to do something dangerous so I suggested getting a tattoo. We did plan to get matching sister tattoos but Katie’s friend at the last minutes convinced her out of it. I was royally pissed off, we have been planning this for months and then she just changed her mind leaving Michelle and I confused on if we should get tattoos. We did decide to get tattoos I got a quote from my favourite book and Michelle got a quote for her dad since her dad passed away when she was just a baby. The thing that pissed me off is that her friends (that convinced her not to get matching tattoos with us) got a matching sister tattoo. As you can tell I’m not impressed.  The pictures show mine, Michelle, Katie and Katie friend (in that order) tattoos.

Lastly was my Birthday on March 30, I had to work my actual birthday but I got drunk at the bar after work with all my co-worker so it was fun. The celebration happened on the next day, I woke up at my friend’s place around 11 am and went home. Had a shower and got ready. After that Michelle, Laura and I went out for lunch and then went to the gun range. We shared a shotgun and took turned, we also had a really cute ranger to help us.  At the end, I asked the ranger who did better and his co-worker insisted it was a trap so we had a good laugh.

After that Laura had to head home and get ready for her night shift so Michelle and I went to the mall. I got this cute purple and red bra and some new underwear, then we head home where my mom made my favourite dinner Lasagna and then we head to the movies to see Beauty and the Beast. This is my favourite Disney movie growing up as a kid and I loved the Disney live action it answered a lot of question such as what happened to Belle’s mom. I was just a little disappointed with the prince at the end, I was expected him to have a beard but no he just looked like a little boy. Belle actually made a joke about his appearance about how he should grow a beard.

And lastly, thing for my March Favourites is NYX liquid to matte lip cream in the shade London. I wore this lip colour all for the month of March it’s a nude colour which added to my makeup look for that day.

image2 (10)

And that is it for my March Favourites sorry I was really late, March was just super busy with school and didn’t have a lot of time to make this post. Until next Bye!

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