Reviewing Smashbox Contouring Kit and Silico-Sponge

Hey Everyone and Welcome back!

So this past week I’ve have been waking up super early and just been on my phone when I came across some old pictures I wanted to use for a Makeup review. I decided to put them together since I did them on the same day and thought I would kill two birds with one stone. The first item is the Smashbox contouring kit that I got back in the month of February. I got it in the shade light to medium because I’m not tan at all and I’m mostly Western European descent so that won’t work on my pale complexion. It is a powder so I didn’t get to do the crazy lines all over my face that you would normally see when you type in how to contour. I actually had my little sister explain to me how to do this and the kit came with a booklet on how to contour your face shape. I’ve been told my face is a square shape so hopefully, I’m not in denial and I made myself look better and not worse.

This is how it looks very slim and small easy to take with you for practicing your contour skills in the park. Now from what I’ve been told the first one is the contour, that’s what you put on you cheekbones, nose, and chin. Second is bronzer so you put that on your temples and cheekbone area. Last is the highlight so chin, forehead, nose, and don’t forget those cheeks. Hopefully, I did okay for my first time and my eyebrows are a little too big I know. Looking at the before and the after picture you can tell I went ham on those eyebrows.

image5 (5)

Moving on. The second item is that somewhat new (it was new when I took these pictures in the first place) silico-sponge. I ordered my from Amazon for like 6-7 dollars so I could be a knock off but it did the job. I was watching a lot of Youtube videos on this because mine didn’t come with instruction (remember when I said knock off, I wonder why) so to clean the item you just rinse with water and if you find any rips then get throw it away. It came in this super cute little box so after you done you have storage for it to not collect bacteria like that good old beauty blender. When I first used it the feeling was odd. It was like putting cold plastic to your face and just dragging the makeup. It was like painting and then you had to tap to make it look better. It did not work for underneath the eyes, I had to get my old friend beauty blender to come back from retirement to help me out. It’s oddly shaped almost like a chicken cutlet, can’t move around small areas that well. But It did hold to the idea of saving makeup product, it doesn’t absorb it like the classic sponge so I found myself using less, so that’s a plus.

The only problem I had was making sure It was blending and not being able to get into all the small areas but over time I can see me getting better at using this thing. Now the moment of truth how did I do, let me know.

image1 (24)

Damn look at those tiny ass eyebrows they scared me a bit. So I hope you like my review for these two makeup products. Let me know if you had tried them out and if they did or did not worked for you. Until next time Bye!

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