April Notes

Hello and Welcome back Everyone!

For those who are new, this is a blog series that I`ve started at the beginning of the year to highlight three new things I did that month. This month was full of a lot of new and exciting adventures but I can only pick three so let’s begin.

First I would have to say was chopping my long red mermaid hair and going with a simple short brunette look. Don’t get me wrong I loved having long hair but because it was red a couldn’t wash it as often because it would fade and it was getting to hard to style and manage. Plus I wanted to go short for the summer and just keep my hair off my back.

Second would have to be my trip to New York City. Not only was I able to cross this off my new year resolution but I also got to go on a trip with my best friend for the first time. We spent eight days in the city and did so much. I’ll have a separate blog post on my trip that goes into much detail.

Lastly, was experiencing a broadway musical and if you have been following me for a while then you would know my favourite show in the entire world is Wicked and I got to see it in the front row for the first time. It was everything I wanted and more. And I know your not supposed to take pictures or video but I couldn’t resist and watching it the day after gave me goosebumps.

This month has been my favourite so far and I’m excited to see where the rest of 2017 will bring me. I’m still in bliss about my trip and really sad to be back home but summer is coming and looking forward to camping and going back to school again. Until next time Bye!

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