April Monthly Favourites

Hello and Welcome Back!

The items I bought during the month of April had to do with my trip at the end of the month. First thing on my monthly favourites would have to be my new purse. My pervious one broke sadly and I needed to get a new one anyways because I was so afraid of getting mugged while I was in New York that I wanted to invest in smaller purse. I has a built in wallet so I didn’t have to worry about losing that during my trip. I wanted something small that went with most of my out fits so I went with the black and brown colours. An added bonus is that the front pocket was big enough so that I could put my phone in it.

Second thing was my trip and just being able to travel with someone who wasn’t in my family. It was my first trip where it was just a friend and I all alone with no one to tell us what to do or where to go. It was liberating, I can see why people move out at such a young age. Google what to do in New York and we did it all in seven days and they were long days. We woke up early every morning and didn’t come home until late at night. By the end of the trip we were exhausted. 

For my trip I bought a couple of clothing items such as a pair of boots that killed my feet the first couple of days, this black and white tank top dress, and my alien hat. But out of all those items I could not of survived without my rain jacket. It rained for three days straight, we got soaked the first day because we didn’t think to bring umbrellas.

Next thing would be some new music by Lea Michele. While in New York we had an opportunity to go and see her perform at a book store but we both forgot about it. She was performing songs from her new album and when I got home I listen to it non stop. Her music is very theatrical, which I’m a big fan of musicals so I’m not complaining but I would say this is one of my favourite songs she has ever done. Its very relaxing and calming which I’ve started to like more and more the past couple of years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Now I’ve mentioned this before but Oh My God I love watching Riverdale so much. The season final already happened and I’m a little late to the party with this blog post but the last two episodes made me have more questions then answers. Spoiler Alert but Polly and Jason are cousins like what the Fuck, but I’m a huge fan a Bedhead looking forward to season two.

Also another T.V show that has stolen my heart is 13 reason why! For those of you who haven’t seen it the show follows around a boy named Clay and how he discovers why Hannah Baker killed herself. Going into this show I know it wasn’t going to end well, the main character is dead. The first couple of episodes made me questioned why she committed suicide, not saying that they were stupid or anything like that. I just found it hard to understand why, that was until I got to episode nine when things got real. Everything that happened to girl has either happened to me or to someone I know. The final episode I found very hard to watch, but I like that they didn’t shelter away from the problem or the issues of suicide. I personally found that it opened the conversation. I recommended this show to everyone I know and I want to recommended it to you.


Music has been a huge part of my life and after watching 13 reasons why I fell in love with Selena Gomez song Only You. I was so sad and depressed after the end of the series I listen to this song non-stop for a week straight while I was driving to work.


Last thing about 13 reason why I promised! While in New York I bought a couple of books for the plan ride home. One was 13 reason why and the second one is Manhattan house wife. I haven’t finish either of them but I’ve gotten a couple of chapter in. The second book I got is a collection of short stories written in a very humours way about housewives in New York and what they really do during the day. It was something easy to read for the ride home. This is all I can think of for the month of April, I hope you enjoy it.

Until Next Time, Bye!

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