May Notes

Hello and Welcome Back

The month of May was a bit of a snoozer, not that much happened but the highlights of this month was still exciting. For those of you who don’t know these are monthly recaps where I was able to try three new things for that month. So let’s get started! First thing that happened was that my summer semester started. If you guys know me you would know I love going back to school, even thought I might complain about it every now and then. I like the idea of having a schedule set out for me and school helps me achieve this. Sadly I didn’t get into any classes for my degree this semester; all the teachers on rate my professor did not have any good reviews and after my fall semester I use that website as my bible for good teachers. The classes that I did end up selecting are Intro to Sociology, which between you and me is going to be an easy A. The teacher of the class doesn’t really teach, he just goes on and on about the news. I found a teacher on YouTube that is way more helpful at understanding the textbook. I’ll link a video below just in case you guys are interested.

The second class that I’m taking is English 1100, which sadly I have to retake. This is why I trust rate my professor, so back in my fall semester my English teacher was so anal that if you didn’t use his exact system of writing an essay you would not pass. I even ended up using a fourth year English student to read over my research essay and I still got a C because he was that specific. During the couple of weeks into the semester I was nerves on what to expect, but my teacher is an angel. The first part of class we learned about grammar which was never my strong point in school. I actually look forward to going to her classes because she cares about her students. I could talk about how great she is for this entire blog post but let’s get on with the rest.

Second thing that I was looking forward to was Victoria Day in Canada. Since it landed on a Monday I had the day off from school and work. Plus it was so beautiful outside I needed to go on my first hike of the season. I called up Laura and together we headed out to Mission. We ended up getting a little lost so we had to climb back up the giant hill which I got winded by, but the view was B-E-A-UTIFUL. There was a couple of waterfalls and then the view that looked out onto the river was nice. The path was super easy just stay on the path unlike us.


Last on the list was by far one of the best things ever. If you’re familiar with the television show Riverdale then you’re going to love this next bit. On the same day of our hike Laura and I went to the original place where they filmed POPs Diner in Riverdale. The name of the place is called Rocko’s Family Diner located on Lougheed Highway in Mission, British Columbia. Since going the first time I’ve been back twice since. The tv show used this diner until they got renewed for a second season, after that they made their own set. Going there was so much fun, they incorporated the characters of the  show with their food. For example I got the Judge-Head Jones Burger.


Just Deadly! Double patty, double bacon, and double the cheese. I couldn’t finish it all it was way to much food, but it was the perfect midnight snack. Well that is it everyone, this month consisted of going back to school, hike, and food. Sorry it wasn’t more interesting but it was a busy month with school and work. Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while I’m trying to schedule more time for making blog post. I wanna try to do three post a week for Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. For right now I’ve been having computer troubles, my computer keeps over heating and turning off. I need to get it fix, but for now I’m at my University using the computers in the library.

Until Next Time, Bye!

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