Reviewing Deep Cleansing Black Mask

Hello and Welcome Back!

I was watching one of those Black head nose peal videos on Facebook and it looked so satisfying that I wanted to try one. So I went on Amazon and ordered the first one that had good reviews. First thing I want to say is that the product took way to long to get to my house, like over a month. I really wanted to get it because my older sister, Michelle has a lot of blackheads on her nose and I wanted to see if it would work at all. So after patiently waiting over a month for this product it finally arrived.

Now second thing I want to say is the packaging wasn’t in the best condition. The box the product came in was a little bent around the edges and it didn’t have one of those clear stickers at the top of the box to make sure the consumer knows the box was never opened before. But I still wanted to try the product and why not use my sisters as my guinea pigs.

First set of pictures is Katie’s (my little sister) nose. She applied more of the product which made it a lot thicker and it took longer to dry. Even though she did not have many blackheads I found she had the best results. Michelle and I did not apply a thick layer which did not pick up much.

In the pictures above the first picture shows the nose before the product which you can see barely anything. In the second picture shows what the product pick up, which was a couple of blackheads and hair. The final picture shows the nose after the product and we all notice that the product makes your pores look huge afterwards.

In the pictures above show my progress with the product. Like I said before if I use a little more to make the mask thick I feel it would have had better results. The pictures below show Michelle’s progress with the product. As you can tell Michelle has the worst case out of the three of us and I thought this would help her a lot.

I feel I can notice a lot more difference in Michelle pictures than my own. Michelle was a little to quick when pulling off the mask but I feel if she uses the product more frequently  than her black head will clear up. Overall I thought the product was good but not amazing. I found it was cheaper than getting the Boire strips from Wal-Mart or Shoppers Drug Mart but I found it didn’t get everything out. I really want to try the Korean nose peel that is apparently the most painful nose peel in the world.

Until Next Time, Bye!

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