Fell in Love with New York

New York is one of those places I desperately wanted to visit. I think the fascination with the city comes from my favourite television show growing up. It wasn’t easy getting there; first we had to catch the skytrain to get to the airport (because we wanted to be independent) then had to sleep at the airport. Which the Vancouver airport did not have any comfortable seating anywhere so I ended up not sleeping. Then I was randomly selected for security search, which almost caused us to miss our connecting flight to Calgary. After all he hiccups were done we were on our way to New York City. 

When we arrived since we didn’t know what to do or where to go we stupidly walked for over an hour to the upper east side of Manhattan. The first day we were exhausted from the flight and then all the walking that we just grabbed some food and went to bed. We decided to stay in a couple of Hostels so that we could save money to be able to do other activities. The first place we stay with had an all girls room, so we booked that one. Being two girls out of our comfort zone we didn’t want weird guys stealing from us or freaking us out. The girls in our room were pretty cool, we meet a couple of German girls who were travelling all over North America together (super jealous by the way) a girl from New Zealand, Spain, and Norway. I ended up chatting to a bunch of them in the bathroom while laura was trying to go to bed, she later told me she was jealous that I was making friends while she was too tired to leave her bed.

Our second day wasn’t the nicest, just a lot of rain. Since we were close to Stanley I mean Central Park we decided to go there. During he trip I kept calling Central Park Stanley Park which is a big Park in Vancouver. I mentioned it a couple of times to people who wanted to know what we did and they got really confused very fast. Laura was there to alway correct me though. After the park we did 5 ave, which included Saxs, Tiffanys and Co, Trump Tower, and a couple of other places. Then we went to grand central station and the public Library. At the Library Laura found some documents from her ancestors that came from Ireland in the 1940s. I was really impressed that the Library had the original stuff toys that inspired the Winnie the Pooh book.

Our third day was a lot more fun because we went to go see Wicked! Which was one of the highlights of my trip. Also on our third day we had to pack our bags and leave for our second Hostel, which had cute British Boys! Our hostel was really close to Times Square so we hangout there before our show started at one. We ended up going to Carols Bakery for Italian cannoli and then went to Shake Shack for Burger before heading over to the play. Laura and I thought the show was amazing and really wanted to see another show but just didn’t have time. After the show we explored Times Squared a bit more before heading to our hostel to get ready for church. We went to church twice on this trip because laura is very religious and I am a really good friend.  After church we explore some shops and had pizza for dinner. Now the best part of this night happended when we got back to the Hostel. Like I said there was cute British boys and we hit it off with a couple of them. We all ended up talking into the long hours of the night. Now for the story I’m about to tell here is some idea of what the area looks like. So this place had bunk beds, there was three in our room and they were close. So laura is on the bottom and I am on the top, Laura wake up to hear the guy beside her who is also on the bottom bunk masturbating. She is so uncomfortable that she doesn’t move just try’s to go back to bed. Meanwhile I’m a restless sleeper but a deep sleeper so I’m moving around to much causes the guy to stop and later ignore me because he thinks I know when I didn’t know. After their experience Laura told me not to mention this to her mother or she will get a lot of I told you so. So Laura’s mom if you ever find this it was priceless having your daughter tell me this story the next day on the subway. 

On Thursday we decided to go to Staten Island so we could see the Staute of Liberty for free. If you ever go to New York do it that way because you get a good view of her without the expensive price. We explored the island for an it but didn’t find a whole lot to do so we went back to the mainland. I really wanted to check out the 911 memorial just because it was such a massive shock that affect everyone in the world after that event. Laura and I were just standing there looking at all the names of the victims and we found out that on the persons birthday that died during 911 the city of New York puts a rose on their name. 

We decided to check out the stock market on Wall Street but we weren’t allowed in so we just took some pictures. After that we check out a museum that was about Indians, which in Canada we call them Native Americans. It focused around Indian fashion which I wasn’t that into so we left quickly. Laura wanted to check out a gondola ride that took you to Rosevelt Island. After that I wanted to visit Serendipity, which is this cool restaurant that appeared in one of my favourites movies (of the same name) in which two people fall in love and life gets in the way of them meeting each other again until Hollywood magic lets them met at the last minute. In the movie the couple shares frozen hot chocolate which is exactly what we did. After stuffing our faces with delicious food and treats we went to Dylan candy bar and got more sweets. To wrap up our day we went to Barns and Nobles and explored Times Square at night. It was so bright and we wee surprise with how many people would be out that late at night. We saw a couple of police officer on horses and asked to take pictures with them, it was an awesome way to end the night.

On Friday I found us starting to lose ideas on what to do so we turned to google. We really wanted to do top of the rock but we had to buy tickets in advance because the lines were so long that we bought them for the next day. After that we spent the afternoon at the park because it was such a nice day, we even took a nap on the grass for a bit.

Then we went to the Met Gala, which by the way takes tickets by donations so if you only have five dollars (like we did) they will let you in. The place was so big I lost Laura in the history of Egypt. The place was so big that we didn’t want to spend the entire day there so we tick off Victorian Art, Greek Art, and Modern Art. 

Since it was starting to get late we needed to pack our bags and move to our last hostel of the trip. If I had to do this trip again I would just stay at one host just because I felt that we were moving around to much. Our last place was closer to Lower Manhattan more towards Brooklyn. Laura picked this area because she wanted to try three places for food and we did them all in that night. First place we tried was called Soft Swerve which had some of the best ice cream ever, second place was Joe’s Pizza which appeared in a Buzzfeed video, and last place was called Do, cookie dough confections. The DO place had a line up all the way on the opposite side of the street but it was some really good cookie dough. Just wished we added some ice cream to it to make it a little less dry but we enjoyed our treat in Washington Sqaure Park.

For Saturday we decided to go to Brooklyn but first we went to to Top of the Rock. From there we were able to see the entire city, it was B E A UTIFUL. We jamed pack a lot in this day because it was our second to last day and we wanted to get the most out of it.  We took the subway to Brooklyn, went to Shake Shack for lunch did some sight seeing, went on a Carousel and then walked the Brooklyn Bridge. If you think we were done you haven’t see nothing yet. After that did some shopping for gifts and then rented some bikes. In lower Manhattan they have a similar thing that we do back home, they have a bike path that goes along the Hudson River. Went rode our bikes from lower Manhattan all the way to the Bronx. I then had a power nap.


After our long bike ride we headed back to our home area which we later found out was Greenwich Village. Laura and I were starving so we went to this place that served Indian inspired Tacos. Don’t get me wron they were delicious but just a little too small for dinner, so we went to Magnolia bakery and bought cheesecake. I needed to go home and wash because I felt so gross. Laura on the other hand was fine so she went down to the lounge and hanged out. I was so tired and just didn’t care that I enter the lounge in my pjs with a towel on my head. Laura burst out laughing when she saw me saying I looked like I didn’t give two fucks and she was right about that. My day ended with me enjoying my cheesecake in pjs for everyone to see.

For our last day we decided to explore Soho, little Italy and Chinatown. I was so empresses with all the street art that I saw. It made me wanna take some art classes so that I could become that good. Also another highlight of the trip was being able to stand infront of Monica and Rachel’s apartment from the Tv show Friends. I know they didn’t film in New York but that was the building they showed for their apartment throughout the series. This trip was one of the best trip I’ve had. Not only did I get to do it with my bestfriend but I got to explore the city of dreams. Not once did I feel overwhelmed for walking in this large city. It’s definitely one of my favourites cities and I’ll be coming back hopefully soon. Thanks having me New York!

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