May Monthly Favourties

Hello and welcome back everyone! I know this is long over due and your probably thinking why even post this when it is already two month late. Well I enjoy looking back at my life and if I want to continue this series I might as well post late then never. So with this short introduction out of the way let me recall my May Favourites, hopefully I can remember them. I remember a couple of highlights from May, one being my older sister Michelle’s Birthday. On May 10 she was disappointed, I mean ecstatic to be turning twenty-eight. She wanted to do something exciting so we came up with the idea of getting another tattoo this year. Michelle wanted to get flowers on her foot and with the help of the tattoo artist they came up with a lily and a rose pattern that she really liked. From what I can remember it took around two hours to complete the design. In the end she loved the finished results and I paid half of it for her birthday present.

image2 Another event that happened in the month of May was being able to go back to school. I wasn’t able to get into all of the classes for my degree but I was able to get one of the best professors I ever had. So far school is going well nothing really exciting happening just school and work for now.

On May 22 I was able to have off from school and work since it was a holiday. Last holiday I had that fell on a school day I decided to go into work, so when this one came around I knew I wanted to do something besides work. That day I called  Laura, my best friend if she wanted to go on a hike. Together we went to a place in Mission and did a simple trail that led to a waterfall.


The hike took about an hour and then we decided to walk around the lake and talk some more. After our small adventure I got hungry and really wanted to check out this one place in Mission. The diner is called Rocko’s Family diner and if you’re a big fan of Riverdale then you will recognize it since they used this diner as the classic Pop’s diner from the Archie Comic books.


Another item that I really liked in the month of May was Harry Style released his new album. I heard the over played Signs of Times and really liked it so I decided to check out the rest of his music. Just a note if you were or are a One Direction fan its not like their music. It is very grown up and more of a classic rock take then anything. If you do enjoy this type of music check out Kiwi and Ever Since New York from the album.


I hoped you enjoyed this much anticipated monthly favourites, sorry it was two months late. I’m still trying to find a balance between work, school, and blogging. Until next time, bye for now.

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