June Monthly Favourites

Hello and Welcome back! I know what your going to say, more than one post a week! What can I say I’m trying. While I got you here I was wondering what kind of Tags would you like to see me try. Tag posts have been increasing in popularity and I wanted to know which kinds of tags post you would like to see from me, comment below if you know any. Now with that out of the way back to the another monthly favourites.

June consisted of work, school, gradation, and a baby shower. At the end of May one of my good friends Ashley had her baby girl. This was such a surprise because they wanted to keep the gender a secret and everyone thought she was having a boy. But a girl she was and they named her Sloan. Very unique name but it fits her. At the being of June a bunch of us decided to throw her a baby shower. I’m not going to show any pictures of the baby but I will tell you what I got her. I got a couple of outfits, one being a cute white and blue romper. The second one being a pink shorts and a white shirt covered in watermelons, just in time for summer. I remember looking at Ashley’s baby registry and notice she wanted some books. Being the book worm I am I was more than happy to drive to Chapters and search for some baby books, as well as for myself but I didn’t tell her that. I ended up getting Brown Bear and a book about a family of foxes, sorry that’s all I can remember about the book. The baby shower was nice because I got to see a lot of old friends that I haven’t seen in months.

image3 (1)

Another event that was big this month was Katie, who is my little sister finally graduated from high school. Also she had her prom at the end of the month and her dress was worth ever penny my mom and I put in for her special day.

Since her graduation ceremony was so long Michelle and I got so hungry, mainly because we didn’t have lunch and the ceremony started at five so it had been awhile. We decided to leave when they were finishing up on the letter M and we were able to make it back in time for S. I also took this time to purchase Harry Style tickets for us when he comes in July next year.

Remember back in April when I did a lush Easter post well I was able to try one of the products that I wasn’t able to buy. It turns out that a guy from my work has a girlfriend who works at lush and sadly they have to throw away old lush products. Well if you know my love of baths then you would know I would consider this a crime. I was able to get three free lush bath bombs and I haven’t stop harassing him into getting me more.

To end things I just want to say that I have been trying to eat better by going to this healthy place for lunch at work. Since I work at a mall there are not a lot of healthy options and since I like sleep I don’t have time to wake up and make my lunch. So I have been going to Freshii a lot lately. I really like there food because its very easy with simple ingredients. My current favourite is Oaxaco bowl which has brown ricegiphy (which I substitute for quinoa) kale, avocado, beet slaw, black beans, corn, and spicy yogurt. Just typing this out is making me hungry, maybe because its dinner time which is probably my Q to go. Until Next Time Bye for Now!



One thought on “June Monthly Favourites

  1. Those sheep biscuits are great! Also your sister looked absolutely gorgeous in that dress, congrats to her fro graduating from high school! That Lush bath bomb is amazing!


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