June Notes

Hey Everyone and Welcome Back! This post is a monthly series in which I talk about doing or experience three new things during the month. For the month of June I found myself having difficulty trying to remember what I did during the month but I was able to remember getting my braces off. I got my braces when I was eighteen right after highschool. My parents couldn’t afford to get me braces so I was able to save up and pay for them myself, that’s why I got them so late. My mom convinced me to get Invisalign braces which is flexable plastic braces that you and take off and on. This was one factor in the reason why it took me so long to get the braces off. Being irresponsible eighteen year old I barley wore my braces because it hurt so badly and I like to eat so having to take them off between meals sucked.

So years of pulling this off I decided Invisalign wasn’t for me and asked my orthodontist to get real metal braces. I got them on in March of 2016 and was able to get them off June 2017. I was so excited getting the off mainly because I thought I looked like a child with them on, but they were worth it because now I can’t stop smiling. The same day I got my braces off I was reconnecting with an old friend that I used to work with. She mentioned that she was planning a vacation in August to go back home in Prince Edward Islanf to visit her mom and didn’t have anyone to watch her cats. Being a cat lover myself I jumped on this opportunity and bonus I can get the feeling of living on my own so I have something to look forward to in August.

Last event that happened in June was me coming to terms with my little sister is going to move out, but not with just anyone with another family. Hearing this made me so angry and upset that she would want to move out of our family house into her best friend’s house.

I almost feel as if she is replacing us and wanting to leave because her friends mom is very chill and easy going. Making this the ideal place for anyone straight out of highschool to do what they want to do when they want to do it without any consequences. Also hearing that my little sister was moving out made me feel like a loser that I’m not doing anything with my life. I’m twenty three years old going to university and working full time; people in my friend group have either graduated, moved out, or are having babies and getting married. So hearing that my sister is moving out and the other factors in my life made me feel like I’m behind in life. This month I had to do a lot of personal growth and establish that life isn’t a race. Everyone moves at their own pace and what might be happening to someone now doesn’t mean it won’t happen to me later. I’m still not done growing as a person and I have a lot to learn. I shouldn’t be looking at this as negative, I should be excited for my baby sister in her new chapter of her life. Plus with her moving out I finally get to have my own bedroom. I’ll keep you guys updated and until next time Bye!

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