Trying New Lush Products 

Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another Lush Haul. What can I say I love taking baths and I love Lush, so with that introduction out of the way let’s get started with these new Lush products. 


This bath bomb is original 8.95 dollars and it smelled like vanilla. This product I can see really selling during spring because of all the pink and purple colours that come from it. Made the bath look like something you would see during Easter. Like I said it smelled like vanilla and some flowery sents. Overall it was a good product would use it again.


I really wanted to get this one because of the Beatle song by the same name. The price was 5.95 dollars and it smelled like oranges. The bath water turn bright yellow with hints of pink throughout. I recommend this one for children for the fun shape and the bright colours will make bath time fun for your little one.


This one was by far my favourite bath bomb I got this time round. It smelled like spices which made me think of fall. The price for this bath bomb was 8.95 dollars. Another reason why this was my favourite was it starts off grey and then bright pink, orange and yellow burst out. 


This is my new favourite product from lush. This adorable shaped bee is an exfoliating and lotion bar. I have super dry skin so after using this a couple of times my skin feels softer and looks healthier. This scrubee smells like honey, almonds and coconut. The price for one of these is 7.95 dollars. Apparently this is an item that Lush used to have and they brought it back. 

I hoped you enjoyed my mini Lush Haul. Let me know what new products from lush you like and I’ll see you soon, bye. 

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