Blogoween | Skull Makeup

Hello and welcome back my beautiful readers to Blogoween day three. Sorry about the late post I had a lot of homework and I had trouble with this simple makeup look. I’m not amazing at makeup but I want to get better so I had a hard time trying to make it look good even though I followed the most simple directions. I only decided to do half my face since I got frustrated with doing my full face. So without anymore hesitation here is my first Halloween make look. 

I think my first problem that I had was having no patience. I couldn’t wait for the white makeup to dry fast enough that I ended up mess it up constantly. For those of you who want to know I used Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylic in the colours ivory black and titanium white. 

I also used a lot of black and grey eyeshadow to help create shadows and textures. I don’t think it turned out horrible but no where near what the model on Pinterest looked like. Hopefully my skills will improve over the course of this month. Looking forward to trying out some different makeup transformation. I feel like more blending is required for future blog post. Well I hope you guys enjoyed this quick blog post and I’ll see you tomorrow. 

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